Hybrid Fund Give More Returns than FD

Hybrid Fund Give More Returns than FD

Hybrid Fund is a mutual fund, which invests in more than one asset class. Generally, it invests in equity and debt mix. But it also invests in gold and real estate. The risk tolerance of hybrid funds is from cautious to assertive. This is the best option for new investors who wants to invest for long-term goals. We are going to discuss a scheme, Edelweiss Aggressive Hybrid Fund (Direct Plan). It has given a higher yearly return than FD over the last 10 years.

Edelweiss Aggressive Hybrid Fund

Edelweiss Aggressive Hybrid Fund is an open-ended aggressive hybrid fund by Edelweiss Mutual Fund. It was launched on 13th August 2009, it is 13 year old extremely risky fund. The asset of its Direct Plan Growth Option is 237.53 crore. The expense ratio of the fund is 0.51%, which is half of its average ratio of 0.96%.

4 Star Rating

Value Research gives a 3-star rating and Crisil gives a 4-star rating to Edelweiss Aggressive Hybrid Fund. It has given high returns as compared to other funds like it. It has performed well more than its benchmark in the last 10 years. Also performed well in SIP. You can invest the lumpsum amount of Rs. 5000 and also can invest Rs. 500 as SIP.

Return on Lumpsum Amount

Fund has given a 7.87% return on lumpsum investment in one year. 23.19% return in 2 years, 15.38% return in 3 years, and 10.39% return in 5 years, has given by the fund. It gave a 10.92% yearly return from its beginning.

Portfolio of the Fund

It is a Hybrid fund, which has 64.46% holding in Equity Instruments and 14.85% holding in Debt Instruments. It has 47% investment in Large Cap Shares, 5.14% in MidCap, and 5.29% in Small Cap. Fund has invested well in Equity mostly in Finance Sector. After this Energy, Automobile, Healthcare, Communication, Services, Minerals and Metals, Chemicals, Insurance, and materials are also included.